Hello potential readers! My name is AngelSmitherines, at least on here anyways. I'm really new, and I don't write stories often, so if this is crap, I apologize. This is NOT my first creepypasta x reader story. I have another on DeviantArt, and a sort of Jeff the killer insert, but it has nothing to do with romance, and they're a bit shit. I hope you enjoy this little fic, and IF you enjoy it, leave a comment!

This is from a female perspective. I will most probably write another from the perspective of a man later. She lived, as of a few months ago, in the creepypasta residence, and had grown accustomed to the many pros and cons of living there. For example, she was allowed to shower, allowed clothes, allowed to eat whenever she wanted, whatever she wanted.

Where she used to live, all of that was controlled for her, so she was grateful for her new life, but she wouldn't show it. A harsh life had taught her to feel nothing, yet it had awakened something else. Whenever she killed someone, she felt unnatural, euphoric joy, and over time, she realized that killing people was her only source of feeling anything.

She came to the creepypasta mansion to hunt down a faceless man who had been watching her, but instead was offered lodgings with several other people, if you could call them people, with similar issues and tendencies.

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It wasn't long before she heard the same voice she heard every morning, calling her downstairs for breakfast:. Your breakfast is done! Come get it before it goes cold! To cover up, she pulled on her favourite sweater, which went nicely with her shorts. It was long, and typically the type that emo kids wore. Her socks and shoes quickly followed, then she sauntered down the stairs.

He grunted a lazy 'Good morning' in her direction, before focusing his attention back to his food. He was a man of little words, but was very much a fan of action.

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She was helping the faceless man, Slendy, prepare sandwiches for that days lunch.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hey Henry. Where do I even begin? Life has changed the many years you've been gone. We finally found each other, and you were just at the end of the rope. Gosh, there is so much I want to say to you, so much I want to show you, and do with you, but I'm pretty sure Heaven would never let me in to visit you if I tried.

Still, I don't worry too much. I know you're looking down on me and Batty, so I know you're keeping us safe from up above, wherever you are. Probably sittin' on some cloud, sippin' a martini. That sounds like somethin' you'd do. Keep an eye on me and Batty, and I'll keep my promise. I miss you man.

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Bendy loves being co-owners of the Ink Machine with you. It was the best damn decision he ever made. He loved the power exchange between the two of you that it brought.

If you weren't running around the tables to check on customers and make sure they're satisfied, then it was him doing it. If it wasn't him wiping up the spilled drinks after a bar fight, then it was you. If one of you weren't able to take care of it, then you could rest assured knowing the other one had it handled without fail. It was a beautiful thing to watch the two of you in action because you worked like a well oiled machine; there just was no stopping the two of you.

emotionless ink x reader

However, when one of you starts to feel a little mischievous When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else? Your Great-Uncle Henry Stein had passed away over a year ago, leaving behind a key to his storage facility. After much grieving from the loss, you decide to go to the storage facility and see what he has left behind. When you enter, you find two envelopes, one of them containing a letter addressed to Henry asking him to stop by his old studio.

Eager to find out more about your deceased family member, you go to the studio, but what you encounter there is definitely not what you were expecting. Curious how a character may be in bed? Come here to request a character your curious about or just see all the other characters I already have written. Join The Discord today! The wind is howling outside, but you and Bendy are cozy, snug, and safe inside.

It's New York, so you have to expect a little snow to pop up every now and then.Fulfillment by Amazon FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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emotionless ink x reader

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Protection plan documents will be delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase. Add No Thanks. Add gift options. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. We will reply you instantly and help you solve your problem. Have a question?Happy holidays xx. It was pitiful how you and your family looked right now. You were emotionless, kneeling to the ground as your parents in front of you were begging to King Endeavor.

You kept your eyes down to remain respectful, but inside, you were a seething rage. Her quirk is extremely rare and powerful! It would make for a powerful heir! I will be sure to be of use to the royal family. You could see your father and mother smirk from the corner of your eyes, and you wanted nothing more than to run away from this kingdom. Keep reading. As I was saying. As long as I was telling you that I was into you.

Thanks for sticking with me. I promise to love you forever, so you better do the same. I figured it out one day when we were hanging out. Back in high school, I was totally obsessed with girls! I would have made the first move otherwise! Nothing is going to change that, I promise! My other favourites are kissing, cuddling, watching movies, talking, laughing, training…Just being with you makes me happy.

At first, I believed that you just had a second quirk that encourages people to become interested in you, but now I believe that you are my soulmate. Nothing will make me want to leave. Is that strange? Because if it is, then unfortunately I cannot apologise for it, because my prediction came true.

I know now that the obsession I had over you was completely normal. You confirmed that in your love letter to me - which I still treasure, by the way. I want you to love me forever, just like I will. But I was so stupid in high school. What I failed to notice was that you were crushing on me too, big time. And all you wanted, was for me to grow a pair and tell you straight up that I love you, without using cheesy pick up lines. It took me a year and a half to figure that out ladies and gents.

Thanks again, Mina. I want to be by your side, even after that. You have my word. And cool.Summary: David finds something on your desk… which leads to a change in your relationship.

A good one, for that matter. It was a calm day. Most of the people left early to get some rest before the next big case came in. David Rossi was sitting in his office. He had finished his workload for the day but he chose to stay a bit longer.

The reason was the beautiful woman sitting at one of the desks in the bullpen. David was watching you for a while as your hand moved over the paper in front of you.

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The pen in your hand was vintage. He had bought it as a birthday present because he knew you loved writing. After a while, you stood up — leaving everything at its place and heading towards the bathroom.

David was curious as to what you were writing. The bullpen was empty, you were the only ones there except for Hotch who was occupied in his office. David walked down to your workspace and he saw different books and papers scattered across the desk.

Most of it was work related, one was a book you were obviously reading in your spare time and then there was one that was completely different. It was a book with writing exercises. Things like: Write a letter to a past you. Write about your last vacation.

Such a Lost Girl • BENDY x Shy!READER • Part 1

Write about a strange dream you had. He decided to read a few of your answers to the tasks. You were a great writer, he could tell just by those few paragraphs.

Then he found one in particular that really caught his attention. It breaks my heart all over again whenever I see him.

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But I tell myself that a friendship is better than to not have him in my life at all. So I stay quiet. His eyes are kind and warm, his smile makes my heart skip a beat. He makes me happiest. Sometimes I just watch him in awe. I am blessed to be working with him every day, even if it makes it hard for me at times.

All he does inspires me and I am striving to be the best version of myself just to make him proud. David took a deep breath after he had finished reading.

He knew you were writing about him. He just knew it because suddenly everything made sense. The blushes, the small presents, the glances. If only he had known…. He was startled. By coming back into the bullpen, you had caught him in the act and he had no chance to hide what he had found.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on!

Ink sans x reader sad

Remember Me. You are an animator for the reboot of your childhood favorite show. One day you get an invitation in the mail to come to the old studio. Upon arriving there, adventures you'd never dreamed of began. No one can sweep you off your feet like he can, literally and figuratively. No one can hold you close the way he does at night and make you feel as if you are the center of the universe.

Somehow, he has been granted the ability of being able to reach down into your very soul and caress it with a lover's touch and a lover's kiss. He knows you inside and out, and you can only pray to god that nothing ever takes him away from you. When living in the remnants of the broken studio, you had two choices; Follow a routine, or go insane.

Yours and Bendy's routine prevented you from going nuts. It gave the both of you something to do. Besides, neither of you were hard to please because as long as you had each other by your side, you were fine. Today during your routine however, you get a little You were a normal person, with a normal job. That's it. You went to work just like everyone else did.

Such a Lost Girl • BENDY x Shy!READER • Part 1

You received a paycheck, just like everyone else did. So why the infamous Joey Drew of Joey Drew Studios decided to nab you off of the street, you aren't sure. All you know is that when you wake up in the basement of his studio, nothing will ever be the same.

Jay Carrington, Bendy's voice actor, finds himself agreeing to a deal from Joey Drew that turns out not to be what he anticipated. In hopes of reverting his life back to normal, he drags you into it - but only succeeds in making things much more messier. Now each stuck inside of a cartoon body, the two of you are left to hide out in the studio, all the while racing against the clock to find the way to break the curse - before it's too late.

What would happen if Bendy never came out of an ink machine, but instead was simply created by a fool-hearty witch with the help of a demon? This it the tale of one such witch and her adventures, driven by her desire to have a loving family. Even if the family consists of nothing but spirits. Add a unstable cartoon demon to the mix and you have one hell of a story. This is a remastered version of my old book that I complete a few months back, "Ink Drops". You are Bendy's treasure, his lovely precious wife, but is that because the Ink wills it so or was it your own conviction?

To know, you will have to brave the angel with a broken crown. You will have to embrace the devil within you and slaughter the angel's minions, devastate the army's of Ink she has behind her and even face the darkness you never knew lie within the ink demon himself.

He wants you and no one else.Originally posted by come-join-themurder. The other Sons try to teach her a lesson but it quickly backfires…. Life was good when you were walking down the streets of Charming on an incredibly hot day, two bags in your hands with the groceries you had bought minutes ago. You just contemplated going back to buy some ice cream when your phone suddenly rang. With an annoyed sigh, you checked the display and saw that it was Tig who called you. I have a life.

Wait until Happy hears you said that. You had done a lot of dangerous things in your life, always having been a little reckless and crazy, so this seemed pretty harmless to you. Whoever tried to hurt you would get it back twice and three times. We bring her to her senses. Everyone agreed to that. Happy would probably skin them alive if anyone hurt you while they were in town, especially now that they were on lockdown.

Humming, you sorted the groceries into the kitchen cabinets. It had gotten late while you had been busy in town running errands and now you were ready to relax on the couch, waiting for Happy to get home tonight. After you were finished, you turned the radio on and started to prepare a small dinner for yourself but just a few minutes in you swore you heard a strange noise.

Then you grabbed the gun you usually kept hidden in the cookie jar, making your way over to the door that led to the garage.

emotionless ink x reader

Promptly, you heard another noise and it sounded as though someone had stumbled. You stopped with your body pressed against the wall. When someone tried to quietly open the door, you watched the knob moving, ready to attack.

Someone with a black mask slowly walked in, glancing around but before he could see you, you had already hit him with the grip of your gun and he fell to the floor. While this happened, you heard the front door open and moved so you could see it. Another man in black entered and you aimed at him when you saw that he had a gun on his belt.

In that moment, someone grabbed you from behind, you pulled the trigger out of reflex and the man at the door was hit, letting out a loud scream that distracted the person behind you just enough so that you managed to wriggle free and ram your elbow in their stomach. All three men were lying on your floor now while a fourth one entered through the door, hands already in the air. Instead of doing what you said, he pulled the mask off his face.

You nearly shot him with anger, when you saw that it was Jax. Meanwhile, the two men behind you had regained consciousness and stood up. The one by the door was whimpering and pressing his hand against his ass. You fetched the first aid kit from a cupboard and handed it to Chibs. You still thought they had gone mad, breaking into your house trying to kidnap you. In that moment you heard the roaring of a bike and you started to grin.

It had to be Happy! So, you quickly walked over to the door to great him. You opened enthusiastically and waited until he had walked up to the door, then flung your arms around him. Then his eyes wandered over to the kitchen table where Tig was lying with his naked ass up in the air while Chibs cleaned the wound.

Why is Tig lying on our table with his pants down?

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Happy started to laugh. You knocked them all out? You grinned while Tig let out a loud groan.

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