Part 2. Kirishima is a very sweet and considerate Alpha. He is normally calm and cuddles you to your hearts content. The way he deals with Bakugo you have no idea why he puts up with that assholes shit is truly a sight to behold.

Your mate is the epitome of everything you could ever want. Today had started off calm. You woke up beside Kirishima, kissed his lips among a few others thingscooked breakfast for the two of you, got ready for work, and headed out as quick as you could. He ended up being in a poor mood as he got ready to head to his hero agency that he co-owned with Bakugou. Is she saving her kisses for someone else? She loves me. He entered the agency and grabbed Bakugou so that they could patrol the city together.

Kirishima and Bakugou patrolled the city till it was time for them to take a break for lunch and they decided on a little restaurant. When they walked in, they both could smell your heavy scent of driftwood and pineapple.

Kirishima marched through the restaurant, hiding himself behind a small pillar once he spotted you and a man with black hair. His fowl scent was clogging the air and his normally cheerful red eyes glowed like embers. Nothing else was said between them as they watched you dine with the man.

You just had to deal with it. You had your neck bared, an act of submission. Kirishima wrapped his thick hand around your neck, forcing you to look in his eyes. You stood there watching a bit turned on as Kirishima beat him, Bakugou trying to pull him off.

Thank you for your support as well. This was the only way to tell you cause the comments aren't working for me,but reader does eventually get with Bakugou,but it's like a dubious consent. May I request a second part to Gang-Orcas story. Part 1, Part 5. Shinsou and Mirio have been…weird lately.

Everyone has been teaching her about pack dynamics and mating practices she never really paid attention to that seeing as she never considered settling down; she was sure whatever infatuation she had with Shinsou and Mirio would go away. So, she knows for a fact that she, an unmated omega, cannot let Mirio, an unmated attractive alpha, in her room.

After I get some time to myself. You understand, Smiles? What message of me being in your room would send? And, to who are you so worried about bothering with the message? Mirror pushed her way through and wrapped his thick arms around her waist. Her purple hair was still a bit damp from her shower from earlier and her lilac eyes were kept downcast.

Can you look at me? I do it with the whole pack. Keep reading.But he's not alone; Izuku is in a class of 20, and his classmates come in all shapes and sizes. All kinds of quirks are tailor-made for a hero's career, and that includes the quirk of Eijiro Kirishima.

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Just who is he? Eijiro Kirishima rarely steals the spotlight, but all the same, he's a tough and dependable classmate and trainee hero to have around. His quirk allows him to harden his skin like metal, and this makes him a powerhouse in melee combat. Let's learn some more about this promising hero trainee! What does it mean to be a proper man, anyway? This differs somewhat based on who you ask, but there are some ideas that often rise to the top: responsibility, protecting others, dependability, compassion, courage, selfless sacrifice, and more.

All the boys and girls of hero class 1-A are ready to launch a future career as defenders of justice, but Kirishima, in particular, is confident in his masculine image. He's tough and confident, but also optimistic and a good friend, which is a winning combination. He sets a fine example already, and in the future, Red Riot will be the kind of hero any child can look up to. The students of UA are a varied bunch.

Some of them, such as Yuga Aoyama or Fumikage, like to fight from a distance and support their teammates. Others, such as Ochaco or Kyoka Jiro or Koji Koda, have unique quirks to add flexibility to any hero team.

Then you get the fighters!

Someone has to get up close and personal with the villains, and Kirishima will be right there in the thick of things. His courage, martial arts skills, and most of all, his hardening quirk make him a fine scrapper. Back him up, and he can punch his way through nearly any problem. This wasn't a mistake on the author's part. Hero classes 1-A and 1-B each have a melee fighter with a skin-hardening quirk! Those hero classes have a distinct rivalry, and that extends to these boys too.

Eijiro Kirishima meets his match in Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, whose iron quirk is very similar. These boys also have the same hero statistics in the guide books, and they also both have sharp teeth and a similar personality. Ultimately, they dueled in the UA Sports Festival and broke even, so an arm-wrestling match decided things. Eijiro came out on top, so he advanced to the next round. Tetsutetsu was a good sport about it too.

Not anyone can be friends with the explosive and self-absorbed Katsuki Bakugo. In fact, by this point, it seems that Izuku's friendship with him has become one-sided, and it's tragic to see. But Eijiro is a different story. Both boys get along fairly well, and Eijiro is probably the closest thing to a friend, or a trusted peer, that Bakugo has at the moment.

Still, this didn't dampen Bakugo's vicious attitude during the UA Sports Festival, and Bakugo finished off his red-haired classmate with zero hesitation.

While Kirishima is not a spotlight student like the genius Momo or Shoto, or the dark horse Izuku, he's a pretty solid student, and don't count on him washing out of training. In the UA entrance exam, he placed second, and in the quirk apprehension test, he came in at a solid 8th. He's a more mixed bag elsewhere, but he shows promise.

Kirishima ranks 15th in the class for grades, though he did pass the written midterm just fine. Unfortunately, he did fail the practical midterm along with Rikido Sato, as neither of them could handle Cementoss' constant concrete walls. He'll have to figure out something for next time.

The students at UA came from various middle schools across Japan, and in middle school, Izuku felt terrible, being the only student without a quirk to call his own. Kirishima, meanwhile, didn't feel much better.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Welcome Fellow Subs😉😂 — Alpha Kirishima x Omega Reader

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Kirishima woke up to find himself in a peculiar situation.

It was quite strange, if you asked him. And thx to my pal sam for help w the title! He had no idea how this happened, last thing he remembers was playing Mario Kart with Bakugou. When did I fall asleep? Did I fall asleep while we were playing? Who turned off the TV and console? Did Bakugou turn them off and willingly lay down to sleep next to Kirishima?

His face heated up at the thought. He was probably just really tired and fell asleep like me. But then who turned off the console and TV? He closed his eyes so he could focus more on the questions at hand. He opened his eyes and looked to where the sound was coming from and found Mina, Sero and Kaminari standing there, Mina with a phone in her hand. Kirishima giggled a bit at that. What the actual fuck are you talking about??

Why the fuck am in the common room? The fuck did you do??! His cheeks growing steadily hotter by the second.

If it has something to do with you three! You should too shitty hair. As they were walking down to the elevator they could hear Mina,Sero and Kaminari talking. He looked him dead in the eye and said. They got to the elevator and went in. Once they were in the elevator Bakugou, once again, let go of his hand, causing Kirishima to, again, feel slightly sad, and pushed the button for their floor.Anonymous asked: i saw the one you did on cuddles with bakugou and midoriya.

If you want cuddles with Bakugou or Midoriya, click here! I hope you like it, sweetie! Thank you for your support. Ashido was always open with her affection for her friends.

kirishima cuddles

Naturally, that spilled over into her friendship with you. When she walked with you, her arm was always linked with yours or draped across your shoulder. No matter how she was feeling or what the occasion was, a healthy dose of physical affection was always in order when it was the both of you.

You enjoyed the closeness with Ashido, so cuddling was a normal thing you did with her from when you were just friends. It was one of those dating milestones that the two of you managed to hit without changing much in your routine from before you started dating.

She scooted further in, making a big gesture for you to come closer. Cuddling your girlfriend was one of your favourite things to do, after all. She lunged forward to fasten herself around your torso, and you wrapped your arms around your girlfriend as well as you could. Kaminari decided to invite himself to your room one afternoon with this declaration, unaware that your classmates who lived on the same floor as you heard him loud and clear.

He made himself at home, seating himself on your swivel chair and spinning as he talked to you. You were sceptical that whatever he read was accurate, but you moved over to the very corner of your bed to make room for him anyway. You slowly flipped yourself over and lay down on your front, mimicking the manga character in the article Kaminari was showing to you.

At least you could do some studying like this without having to ask your boyfriend to suffer with you. It was movie night in the dorms again. Almost everyone was shuffling around the common area in their pyjamas, armed with pillows and blankets and snacks for the event. Kirishima was seated on a duvet that Yaoyorozu kindly made and you took your place adjacent to him, close enough for you to loosely put your arm around him and rest your cheek close to his shoulder blade.

You shook your head into his shoulder with a wide, sweeping motion, making sure to brush the entirety of your face on him with each turn your head. He moved to sit directly in front of you, taking your hands and pulling both your arms tight around his abdomen. You nodded into his back, and Kirishima cooed at the feeling your face moving up and down between his shoulder blades.

He held your hands and fit his fingers between yours.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Class 1-A has a party to celebrate Halloween.

Harry Potter packs all his stuff after the war, grabs Teddy, and tells Death to take him somewhere else. He doesn't expect to be taken to a world where powers are the norm! Then he comes across Dabi injured, hears his story and thinks, "This will just not do. A total of 31 stories full of different links and ships for the month of October. Mostly BNHA. Kaminari keeps looking for a relationship in all the wrong places, quickly getting attached to smiles, compliments and soft touches.

Bakugou is doing great with just one-night stands. Letting off some steam, then focusing back on his goals. They need different things.

kirishima cuddles

My Kinktober for This time with prompts taken from popular porn tropes! In this tweet you can find all the prompts and which ship goes along with it.

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Mind the tags! I will add a summary per chapter mentioning the tags for that chapter and who is top and who is bottom in that case. I have switched it up quite a bit. This is following the fantober prompt list! Katsuki still looked hesitant. He was trying to digest everything Eijirou had thrown at him, but the fire Eijirou had so painfully missed had returned. He brushed back Katsuki's hair, sweeping the strands from his eyes to watch the flames burn bright, and smiled.

For many years, he had been inviting and sneaking in some of the finest and most handsome men into his hotel rooms whenever he had to travel for his work, or sometimes at his own house for nothing but pleasure, paying all of them handsomely to leave him as soon as the job was done and not to meet them again.

Now who could he easily wrap around his finger and offer him a good amount of money for service this time? What if it's somebody that completely exceeded all his expectations and he wants more?

Surely taking the man with him on his business trip will be more than enough to please him and afterwards, things will go back to normal and he will get back to how things were Or will that man completely change his feelings, longing for his love and affection?

After months of being in a forced dry spell because of work, Eijirou finally organizes a week of vacation for him and Katsuki. He can finally get his dick wet and get Katsuki to chill out. Mall AU: When Kacchan contacts Izuku after almost three years of radio silence asking him for a job at his store, Izuku if floored he's about to be reunited with his best friend.

Kacchan has been off around the world studying and working towards his marine biology undergrad degree whilst Izuku is drowning in retail.

Will sparks fly and emotions run high when Kacchan vows for Izuku to get his life back on track to achieve the career he always wanted? And why is it that the hottest employee in the mall - the sexy red-haired security guard - only wants to give Kacchan the time of day, somebody who keeps rejecting all his advances? Please enjoy!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Bakugou wasn't good with emotions. Kirishima knew this, but he just couldn't fight away this urge to wrap his arms around the blondes waist and snuggle into his back. Bakugou had stopped by Kirishima's dorm to help the red head study. Midterms were just around the corner, yet Kiri still couldn't get half of the concepts through to his head.

If he had to pinpoint a reason, it'd probably be his distraction - his itch, his temptation - to simply cuddle with the explosion boy.

kirishima cuddles

It's been like this ever since their date - not that Bakugou would say it was - to the carnival. The blonde happened to be a good sharp shooter, beat the balloon dart game and won the red head a giant stuffed teddy bear - only because the blonde obviously didn't want it.

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Kirishima loved it, and even that was an understatement. He held the cm teddy by the arms that were draped over his shoulders; the giant head on his softly pushing his spiky hair down the sides of his face. Bakugou himself couldn't even help the flush that rose to his cheeks simply because of how cute Shitty Hair looked. Kirishima kept the bear on his bed - became the bed as one could say - and cuddled it every night, reminding him of that day and of his favorite blonde in general.

It was half past 11pm now, Bakugou tired himself but continuing to read over certain quadratic functions in hopes that the red head would finally understand the steps and equations; but when he looked up, Kirishima was in a daze. His eyes were half-lidded, lips slightly parted, and nodding off every ten seconds before jolting back up again. Get some rest. We'll study some more tomorrow. He couldn't help but give a tired smile as he took the blondes hand and stood, giving an almost obnoxious yawn and overly large stretch - according to Bakugou anyway.

Soundtoys 6

With you helping me study, I'll for sure reach the top ten! Kirishima plops on his bed and immediately snuggles into his red comforter, watching as the blonde makes his way to the door. He opens it before turning softly and flicking the light switch off, knowing Shitty Hair is most likely already asleep and won't turn off the light himself. He takes a couple steps out of his dorm before pulling the door close behind him. The door only open a few centimeters, he was barely able to hear the soft voice that came from the room behind him, the call of his first name catching him off guard for a moment.

Turning, Bakugou opens the door back a couple inches. As soon as the door clicks, he hears the red head's soft voice again. He crawls in next to the red head, shoving one arm under the pillow and the other he wraps loosely around Kiri's waist.

He then feels two arms wrap around him, pulling him closer to the giant teddy bear until he feels Kiri's full body against him - nose against his neck and chest against his. With that, Katsuki's grip tightens, holding Kirishima even closer than the red head was holding him. He doesn't stop his smile this time as he snuggles his head into the mop of red hair. He lets himself feel his heart skip a beat as he closes his eyes.

Thank you for reading!! I don't write often but I can't stop myself when I get little spurts of motivation to write cute things like this.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! One shots of snippits of Pro-hero domestic life for poly bakusquad, mainly centered around Bakugou.

Bakugou hasn't been able to get into his little space for 2 weeks.

kirishima x reader fluff

Kirishima doesn't directly know about it, well, he doesn't know why his boyfriend gets so clingy and cuddly. Bakugou slips deeper than he ever had around Kirishima. When your relationship is going well, it's natural to bring parents into the fold Except when everyone thinks your boyfriend will murder your dad. Shouto isn't particularly concerned about that part, though.

He's more worried about whether or not he'll be able to visit Katsuki in prison. Katsuki hasn't slept well last night and he now is very tired. Luckily he has an amazing boyfriend who lets him sleep cuddled up to him on the common room couch.

Katsuki wants cuddles but is shy about it. Eijirou is an absolute sweetheart who would give his boyfriend all the cuddles in the world. Kirishima discovers that Bakugo is a big softie that just want to cuddle, shocking both Kirishima and their friends.

They were on equal ground. They were pro-heroes. They had done it. Her dreams had been realized, standing on equal footing with six of her classmates and countless other pro-heroes. And with that realization… with it…. Katsuki is so bad at feelings that it takes him getting hit by a Quirk that makes you incredibly affectionate and honest for him to get his feelings across to Izuku.

Bakugou Katsuki is not a cuddler. Nope, definitely not. Save for when he goes into heat. Then cuddling gets real. Uraraka wanted to enjoy a few shots by herself before going home to mope. She wasn't expecting the guy she dated last week and her work partner to show up and steal them.

Bright side - she gets to try a move on him that she's always wanted to After days filled with hero classes, villain attacks, homework, and whatever else the world decides to throw at him, Bakugou just wants to curl up and cuddle with the people he cares for he'd never admit it out loud, but maybe actions speak louder than words.

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