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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Motorhome automation. Thread starter St3v3 Start date Mar 28, St3v3 Full Member. Messages I've been doing a bit around automating things in the truck recently. Starting with a small relay board that connects to wifi has essentially given me 4 switches that can be controlled from a phone. It's hooked up to the awning lights on the outside of the truck, so that we can turn them on using the phone when approaching the truck to see what we're doing in the dark.

As it's a phone app, all 3 of us could do it independently. Then thinking about the heating I've so far hooked up one of the Eberspachers kitchen one to another of the switches so that we can start getting the van warm before we leave the pub I'll add the bedroom heater soon. I'll also hook up boy's nightlight as that will just be easier lol. Pretty cool for 16 quid, as long as you have some wifi in your MH.

It uses very little data. Taking it a little further I've put an amazon echo dot in there, and it connects to this relay board.

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Led in bed 'Alexa, turn the kitchen heater on' before getting out of bed. And then there is another option. So, do you have any other ideas? What would you like to control from your phone? Or just by talking? I've yet to find an auto pilot on eBay lol.

motorhome automation

Carrerasax Full Member.So I had my folks down for Thanksgiving, and they love the automatic lighting all around the house. They also loved playing around with Alexa. I would like to set them up with a HA system, but the problem is they are retired and spend most of their time in the RV. All of the lighting in the RV is 12 volt. I know of some ZigBee relays that would switch 12v on or off but they have to be connected to v AC. You would need to be landed anyway to have decent internet, which the Echo requires…, and wifi… So in the end all you need is dry contact relay devices to control the lighting, not going to be easy to deal with… To do this right, you need to also allow local control of the lights when on house battery.

How to Make your RV a Smart Home

Or just get them an inverter to run all the zwave and HA stuff…. Super expensive. At a more realistic budget level, most people seem to use elk relays to allow for the HA controller to control the 12 V lights.

motorhome automation

On the other hand, harmony works really well on local Wi-Fi, a lot of RV owners have it. You need full Internet access to set up the original account, but after that it will run locally very well. So just depends on what they want to accomplish and their usual setup.

If they can watch streaming Netflix, they probably have good enough access for Echo. Yes, they use shore power when parked, but all the lights are still 12 volt. So even when plugged in, the is converted to 12 for lighting. The elk relays look like they might work, but probably beyond my skill level.

motorhome automation

I was hoping something was available that was zwave and could easily be integrated with Smartthings. Internet for them is not a problem. They are typically parked in one location for a good while and have cable or DLS.

Then you control that RF switch from either SmartThings or harmony. If it was me, I would probably put harmony into the mix just so it would still run even if the Internet was not available. And SmartThings. And harmony. One way to get around this problem is to get a 12 to v inverter. This will power all your v toys hub, echo, WiFi etc.

To solve the lighting problem you would get a vac to 12dc adaptor similar to a usb charger. Then get a bunch of smart plug. You plug in the v to 12 adapter to the smart plug for light control. The thing is a monster, a beauty.The shoreline cord is what gets connected to your RV bringing in power to your distribution center. Older models have a J Box, which has a receptacle coming from the generator and another that goes to the distribution center.

This requires you to have to go outside and plug in the generator every time you want to use it. Newer models come with an automatic RV transfer switch already installed, eliminating the need to have to manually unplug from shore power and plug in the generator. It is possible to upgrade older models to an automatic Amp RV transfer switch, which will put everything you need in one single box. Before installing a RV transfer switch you will want to make sure that all power sources to the RV are disconnected, including generators, shore lines and batteries.

The automatic RV transfer switch has decals where everything gets hooked up. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure nothing gets hooked up incorrectly.

Look at the box and the placement to determine which punch outs to remove from the box so the wires can be run through it. Connect the grounding wires first, followed by the shore power lines, generator wires and load center wires.

Be careful not to have the screw go into the wire insulation. This can cause a poor connection and will generate heat, which could cause a fire. Once done make sure all wires are connected correctly and tightly. The plug it in and verify that there is power coming in from the shore power and into the load center. The next test is when the generator is started; the shore power should automatically shut off.

If you are still unsure of how to upgrade to a Amp RV transfer switch, contact a certified electrician to help work on your RV. Tags: Premium Videos.

Anything gets old after enough time has passed, though, and that includes even beautiful natural vistas. Inspecting your front-end clearance lights is an important part of yearly RV maintenance, and this video takes you through the process. This procedure is important because the lenses on the lights can crack or the seals can come loose, allowing moisture to penetrate.

The moisture may do damage by dripping down the front of the…. Aluminum and stainless steel RV sinks can be a bit noisy, especially when confined in a small kitchen area. These types of sinks also do not maintain temperatures for both hot and cold items very long. Some more modern RV sinks….Contact Us Close panel. Call us now!

Motorhome automation

Send us an email. Find us on the map. Systems Integration Service Provider. Gaining and sustaining a competitive edge requires creativity and innovative thinking, skills which are at the heart of RZ Automation, Inc. For years we have helped our customers effectively apply advanced automation techniques to their existing manufacturing processes throughout a wide variety of industries.

Exposure to a large diversity of manufacturing environments enables us to provide intelligent solutions to the various types of challenges you face.

Automation is our specialty! RZ Automation believes that integration of advanced automation can only be successful with a high degree of customer involvement at every level. We strive to fully understand your processes and needs prior to recommending automation solutions.

motorhome automation

RZ Automation can provide turn-key solutions, as well as other services throughout the automation process:. At RZ Automation, our goal is to provide you with the best solutions at the best value available!

We firmly believe that each one of our partners deserves our outstanding and reputable experience, expertise, and excellence.Forums New posts Search forums. Reward Points. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Motorhome automation. Thread starter St3v3 Start date Mar 28, Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Messages Phil said:. I am going to fit scene lights led flood lights around the van. I am just going to take the power up to the roof then install the board in a weatherproof case on the roof.

That way I don't need lots of cables. The four channels will operate the four sides.

Monitor your RV with RV Command

Geeky Philip Administator. Messages 1, So let me get this right you bought a Hymer that we can all see! St3v3 Full Member. RoadTrek Boy Full Member.

10 Best Selling Camper Vans and Motorhomes to Check Out in 2020

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